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Application engineering caseElectromagnetic heater application engineering case


Independent research and development


Focused on the electromagnetic heater10Years,Research and development,Production,Sales,The service integration。




Software technology


○ Strong anti-jamming capability,(Overheating,The flow,Over voltage,Lack of phase,Surge,Under voltage,IGBTShort circuit,Open circuit,Coil short circuit,Open circuit)Such protection,To ensure the safe operation of the equipment;

○ Using the agilent(Pratt & Whitney)Ultra-high speed optical coupling,More stable,Signal to communicate more quickly;

○ South Korea's samsung high-speed digital processing chip,Matching fault automatic identification digital display function,In real time to monitor the working state of the equipment。




Hardware selection


○ The core of the originalIGBTWith German imports“Infineon”

○ Cooling fans in Taiwan,Air volume is big,Concentration,The cooling effect is good;

○ Heat sink according to beyond50%Capacity design,Big and thick;

○ The case1.2mmThick pipes production,Appearance of the atmosphere,It is not easy to deformation




Quality detection


High-voltage electrical aging150Hours,Production test,Into the warehouse before the test,Out of the warehouse before the test,Strictly control each link。




The delivery time


The goods is enough,On the day of the hair,With large and gravels and heaven and earth hoau logistics cooperation,Can cash on delivery。




Custom function


PIDControl,Connect the computer remote control,0-5v/4-20ma/485Communication interface customization, etc。Control the appearance of the host,The coil size and shape are customizable




After-sales service


○ Professional after-sales service team,24Hours of service,There is a problem24Hours to solve,Machines do not need to return to factory,Don't delay the production。



For this productWe are committed to provide for the customer360All-round services!

  • 01According to the need to customize

    Shenzhen letter fai source technology

    Professional r&d team,According to customer specific requirements,Provide unique product features and designs

  • 02Free solution

    Shenzhen letter fai source technology

    In view of the engineering,But after the on-site inspection,Provided free of charge,Satisfaction after purchase

  • 03Compulsory training

    Shenzhen letter fai source technology

    After the product reaches the customer,Free installation guide、Training to use,BaoJiao package

  • 04After-sales maintenance

    Shenzhen letter fai source technology

    The products are sold,1Year warranty,Lifelong maintenance;The personnel of the service24Hours online technical consultation

  • 05Rapid response

    Shenzhen letter fai source technology

    The maintenance period of technical problems(General failure can intellisense code,The scene is adjustable),Do not need to send back to you,The fastest along abundant shipment


To view more+Customer's satisfaction,Our pursuit


Shenzhen letter fai source technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development,Production,Electromagnetic heating equipment sales and service as one of the manufacturers,The specialty is engaged in the development of electromagnetic heater、Electromagnetic heating furnace hot water、Electromagnetic boiler heat conduction oil、Electromagnetic heating coil、Electromagnetic heating control panel、Electromagnetic steam generator、Electromagnetic heating control cabinet and other kinds of industrial electromagnetic heating energy-saving equipment。By the end of2018Annual letter fai source set up agents in the domestic and foreign countries、Dealers。Our products have been exported to Taiwan,In Indonesia,Dubai,Africa,Thailand,Vietnam,In Malaysia, and other regions and countries。Is the domestic production and marketing of electromagnetic heating service network is very perfect enterprise institution。

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